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We believe that our Chemical Process knowledge and experience enables us to provide tailored technical solutions using best practice methodology and equipment to effectively meet customer requirements.

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About Us

Gotec provides professional cleaning, hygiene and pest services to the commercial, industrial and corporate sectors. 

Gotec was founded in 2005 and is a 100% black women owned Level 1 BBBEE company (135% Procurement spend recognition) with a strong management team who have many years of combined experience in the cleaning, health and hygiene industry.


Years Experience

16 years experience in this industry has taught us the best methods of cleaning practices while combining our everyday knowledge of cleaning and the new technologies that we developed in-house or imported from around the world. 

The business has also taught us to be risk-takers, expanding our boundries and to never give up. Gotec will continue to grow as a business in line with our vison.Your business is our business and we take pride in executing our service timeously, professionally and at competitive prices. The company has 2 distinct market segments namely Facilities Management and Specialised Industrial Cleaning and free audits are offered to identify gaps in line with the OSHACT.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our values stem from our family background, life experiences and business experience. There are some values that have never changed as it has been etched into us, while there are other values that will continuously change as we learn and grow. 


Our vision is to become the leading innovative provider of cleaning solutions to the commercial, industrial, chemical and related industries in SA. We want to become the leading innovative provider in our industry because we want to make our customers trust our services, our staff, our technology and most importantly, our creative solutions. This is our passion and we believe that success follows when you love and believe in what you do.


Integrity: We practice ethical and fair business practices with suppliers, customers and staff.
People Skills: We strive to develop and grow people skills in the pursuit of continuously improving best practice solutions.
Innovation: We continue to explore the latest technology to efficiently complete the service.
Knowledge: Quality is at the forefront of everything we do, so we will continue to train our staff. 
Safety and sustainability: We aim to safeguard our clients, staff and the environment.


At Gotec, we provide tailored cleaning solutions using state of the art equipment and best practice application from technically competent and trained staff. Our main mission is to provide a creative cleaning solution to the needs and wants of industries who require our services. We do not merely want to "clean" but rather, to "wow" our customers and to ultimately be the difference. 

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Why Should You Choose Gotec?

Gotec is a best practice technical solutions driven company and this is our key value adding contribution in the market. Our customers also have the chance to work with a Level 1 BBBEE company that has the technical skills to provide solutions on site.

Our Service

Gotec provides professional cleaning, hygiene and pest services to the commercial, industrial and corporate sectors. We are totally service oriented with our own innovations, technology and product development. Operating from a modern Operations Centre allows us to provide our customers with a world-class service.

Our Quality

For your peace of mind, Gotec is a ISO 9001 certified company. We have high accuracy and attention to detail and our in-house health and safety personnel conduct safety audits and risk assessments on customer sites. Safety files are produced in house taking into account statutory OSHACT as well as job specific requirements.

Meet our awesome team

We have an amazing management team consisting of the following members: Chreeson Moodley - our Sales & Marketing Director, Gonum Moodley - our Managing Director, Kathy Pillay - our accounts administrator and Mimmy Mnyandu - our operations administrator. Our expert cleaning teams are highly experienced in either general cleaning or specialised industrial cleaning.

Gotec - Gonum Moodley

Gonum Moodley - BBibl PGDM

Gonum Moodley - Managing Director

Gonum founded Gotec in 2005 and is currently the MD of the company. She has strong management and operational experience having worked in corporate for over 25 years. It was during time that she identified a gap in the market for a professional cleaning company focussing in the corporate sector. She is passionate about cleaning and creating jobs for mainly women in communities surrounding our customer sites. She believes in "Never Giving Up" and this is reflected in her ability to steer the company through the challenges that face business today.

Gotec - Chreeson Moodley

Chreeson Moodley - MBA Bcom HND Chem

Chreeson Moodley - Sales & Marketing

Chreeson was involved in Gotec from its inception and is currently the Sales & Marketing Director. He has over 35 years of corporate experience mainly in the chemical industry were he gained extensive knowledge in product development, new technology development, marketing and sales. Innovative cleaning technologies are mainly developed in-house which gives the business a competitive edge in the market. A unique solution is developed for all specialised cleaning projects as well as adhering to all safety compliance requirements. Chreeson strong background in chemistry, technology and business has allowed us to continue to grow Gotec and work with some of the largest companies in South Africa.

Gotec - Cleaning

Mimmy Mnyandu

Mimmy Mnyandu - Operations and Sales Specialist

Mimmy's potential as a Operations and Sales specialist was identified by Gonum during her period of employment as a general cleaner. She has strong communication and operation skills which allows her to manage the Factory shop on site as well as work together with the management team on ensuring that the cleaning jobs are executed with accuracy. Mimmy positive enthusiastic attitude continues to have a positive effect on the growth of Gotec.

Gotec Cleaning Services

Kathy Pillay

Kathy Pillay - Accounts Administrator

Kathys manages the accounts division of Gotec and has played a key role in the success of the business. She is a vital contact between customers, suppliers and staff on a daily basis. Her ability to communicate effectively with these role players is one of her key success factors. She has grown over the years to become a key member of the Gotec team. Timeous financial information allows the management team to make decisions that ultimately lead to the success of Gotec.

Gotec Specialised Cleaning

Gotec Team - General & Specialised

The Gotec Team

Our staff are our greatest asset and they play a vital role in ensuring we continue to grow as a business. Our teams are highly experienced in either general cleaning or specialised industrial cleaning. Many of our team members have been with Gotec for many years and have grown to become specialists in confined space entry, working at heights and performing very specialised cleaning jobs in various industries. They have a passion to perform their work at the highest standard of quality and safety. 

Our Awards

Gotec boasts a proud history of award-winning services. From being Kimberly Clark Golden Service Award winners to becoming the best performing company in KZN for Property Point/Growth Point.
Gotec has achieved three prestigious Kimberly Clark Golden Service Awards.

1. Cleaning Company of the Year
2. Industrial Site of the Year
3. Emerging Skills Development Company of the Year

The Golden Service Award is about recognition, acknowledgement, rewarding and most importantly celebrating excellence in the cleaning industry. To receive one of the prestigious Golden Service Awards means that your company has achieved the honour of being one of the best cleaning companies in the country and on par with the best globally.

Gotec received the Property Point Growth Point award for “Top Performing Business in KZN”. This award recognised the business for its innovative solutions and business growth.

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Why Are Our Services Important To You?

  • Your workplace environment can directly contribute to increased productivity and the overall wellbeing of your business.
  • Reducing the spread of disease to keep your workforce healthier.
  • A safer and healthier work environment matters to those easily affected from toxins and allergens. 
  • Your workplace will have a pristine and professional appearance leading to a higher level of trust and confidence from customers. 
  • A clean and fresh environment equals happier and motivated employee.
  • Costs are saved in the long term.
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About Us

Gotec (Pty) Ltd is a leading service provider offering contract and specialised cleaning, hygiene and pest control services. 

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