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Gotec provides professional cleaning, hygiene and pest services to the commercial, industrial and corporate sectors. 

Gotec specialised cleaning

Gotec is the new benchmark in total clean solutions.

Eradicating the need to outsource different companies for your cleaning needs, Gotec's strong facilities management ensures that your company receives the total package. Gotec is your "one-stop-shop" offering the full compliment of services including contract cleaning, hygiene services, pest control and consumable supplies. All with uncompromising quality and the benefit of years of experience. 

SABS Approved

We have cutting edge technologies operating at global industry standard with a team of highly trained and motivated staff. Uncompromising quality and years of experience. 


Gotec is a SABS ISO 9001 accredited organization and a member of Green Building Council. Our products are quality tested and safe for the environment.

Our Services


Our goal is to stop the corona virus from spreading through sanitizing, fogging and cleaning. It is proven that less people get Covid-19 if they have their environment in order.

Covid-19 treatment protocols including sanitising and fogging are available to both domestic and commercial customers. We have tailored these solutions to ensure that minimal risk will be imposed on your living and working environment.

A fogging and sanitising certificate is provided after each treatment. A free of charge Covid-19 site audit is offered to ensure compliance. 

Covid-19 Cleaning

COVID-19 Services

. Covid Fogging
Covid Sanitising
Covid Deep Cleaning
Covid Super Deep Cleaning
Covid Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning  

• Covid Training of cleaning staff
• Covid Delivery Procedures
• Covid Cleaning Audits
• Covid Preparedness Plan  

• Elbow Stainless Steel Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Including 500 ml Pump Bottle
• 70% Alcohol Sanitiser for surfaces & hands
• Toilet Seat Sanitiser Dispenser
• Covid Perspex Screens
• Paper Towel Dispenser and Wall Bin
• Top Up Liquid Soap Dispenser
• Face Shields
• Disposable wet wipes / Antibacterial wipes
• Covid Masks
• Gloves 

Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial Cleaning

Specialised teams are trained to work in high risk industrial environments like working at heights and confined spaces. Customised innovative solutions are developed for industrial cleaning problems. There are in-house health & safety personnel who are able to conduct safety audits and risk assessments on customer sites. Industrial cleaning services are especially for chemical industries, petro-chemical, pulp & paper, sugar, and general industries. Our services include:

  • Internal & External Cleaning of Tanks
  • Painting of Tanks
  • Cleaning of roofs on industrial buildings
  • Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Cleaning and jetting
  • Sludge removal
  • Oil pit Cleaning
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Grease trap cleaning and maintenance
  • Industrial floor cleaning
  • Yellow machinery and equipment cleaning
  • Ship hold and marine Cleaning
  • Shutdown cleans of chemical, manufacturing and processing plants.

Contract Cleaning Services

Contract Cleaning

Well trained cleaning staff with good communication skills work at our corporate clients. Our in-house trainers ensure that the staff are able to safely use all cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals. We adhere to all statutory (BCCCI & NCCA), OSHACT requirements and are fully compliant. The following industries are serviced:

  • Chemical & Petro chemical industries:
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Centres
  • Schools and Universities
  • Food Industry
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Transport Industry 

Deep Cleaning

This is a critical service in the workplace and we at Gotec take this very seriously. Think of washrooms, toilets, basins, showers and urinals. Especially now to eradicate viruses like Covid, bacteria and other germs that accumulate in the washrooms. Research has shown that with deep cleaning, absenteeism reduces in the workplace and there is a significant reduction in illnesses like urinary tract infections.

Super Deep Cleaning
Super Deep Cleaning includes the entire washroom, change room,kitchen and canteen. This involves high intensity chemical and high pressure cleaning. All surfaces are sanitised to eradicate viruses, bacteria and germs. 

Deep Cleaning Services
High Rise Window Cleaning
High Rise Window Cleaning

The most modern OSHACT compliant window cleaning technology is used whereby the use of scaffolding is not required. Buildings up to 7 storeys are cleaned from ground level and therefore no lift equipment is required. Buildings above 7 storeys are also cleaned using technologies like cable life lines and rope access.

Warehouse Cleaning
Warehouse Cleaning

Warehouses of any size or height are cleaned using modern technologies and staff who are trained to work at heights. They are also trained to use boom-lifts when required. Warehouse cleaning improves efficiency, health and productivity. A clean and organised warehouse environment leads to a successful audits, decreased risk of accidents and accuracy for managing inventory and stock.

Pest Control
Pest Control Services

Fully integrated pest management service is provided using trained pest control technicians. Site audits are done to determine the most suitable pest control layout. Pests and rodents carry pathogens that lead to harmful diseases, asthma and allergic reactions. Services provided include cockroach, rodent and ant control, fumigation, biting insect and bee control and wood borer treatment. We provide innovative solutions to any pest control problem.

Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning

Advanced cleaning equipment with high performing chemicals are used to ensure outstanding results on upholstery and carpets. Covid virus, dust, dirt, allergens, microorganisms and bacteria are eliminated. This results in a healthier working environment and a clean, fresh and pristine workplace.

Garden and Landscaping Services
Garden & Landscaping Services

Landscape design for new gardens as well as regular maintenance on commercial sites are provided. Green spaces filter pollutants from the air, amplifies the indoor air quality, rises oxygen levels and decreases soil erosion. It is also aesthetically pleasing for employees to take a break and view the greenery and flowers while breathing in the fresh air.

Washroom Consumables
Washroom Consumables

A wide range of washroom consumables are provided at competitive prices. The consumables include the following:
- All paper and tissue products
- Cleaning detergents
- Cleaning equipment (brooms/mops/buckets etc.)
- Covid Essentials (sanitisers/masks/alcohol wipes/soap etc.)

Hygiene Services
Hygiene Services

Latest technology hygiene equipment for washrooms are provided on rental and outright purchase basis to suit customer requirements. Technical service teams visit customer sites on a regular basis to service the equipment and ensure that the equipment is always in excellent working condition. 

Domestic Cleaners
Domestic Cleaners

Domestic cleaners are specially selected and trained to suit our customer requirements. Work schedules are mutually agreed to ensure your home is cleaned to optimal level.

Gotec Cleaning
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Gotec (Pty) Ltd is a leading service provider offering contract and specialised cleaning, hygiene and pest control services. 

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